Advertising Design

Advertising design

  • Working under international Brand Guidelines we design and adapt Advertising Materials
  • Translation and Copy adaptation
  • Resizing
  • Product adaptation
  • Creation of new pieces

Catalog & Brochure Design

 Catalog Translation and Design

  • Design and adaptation of international brochures and catalogs to local product lines.
  • Translation to Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Arab.
  • Supervision of Printing quality and deadlines.
  • Supervision of distribution of physical copies to retail outlets and storage points.
  • Adaptation to digital versions for Online publishing.


Flyers, coupons and event materials

Event flyer

  • Event flyers to increase sales conversion
  • Promote new products
  • Drive traffic to local shops and partner retailers
  • Activate event sponsorship reaching participants
  • Give visibility to celebrity and athlete sponsorship

Kantara, plural Kanatir, means in Arabic (1) bridge, particularly a bridge of masonry or stone; also (2) aqueduct (especially in the plural), dam, and finally (3) high building, castle...The original meaning of the word "arch", is found in the earliest Arabic lexicographers...Djisr, a bridge of wood or boats, is the opposite of kantara, which is of stone.