Website Design

Responsive Website design

  • In many countries more than 60% of website visits are via Mobile device Tablet or Smartphone
  • Design a reponsive website is essential for a positive user experience
  • Images, text and headlines have to be carefully selected
  • Our CMS platform allows for fast editing and constant updating.

Newsletter Email Marketing

Email Marketing Newsletter

  • Reach out to clients
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Promote New product and Services
  • Update customers on Product news
  • Communicate activities
  • Increase registration for events
  • Measure reach and open rates
  • Update customer contact list

Domain & Hosting management

Since 2008 we have been managing worldwide dozens of domains and hosting for our clients. Coordinating purchase of domains suitable for their business objectives in several countries including Russia, Saudi Arabia and others.

In addition, since 2008 we have been administering G Suite (formerly Google Apps) on behalf of several clients to facilitate their business on the go.

google apps management for clients


 In you have landed in this page and are interested to purchase the domain that took you here, please contact us.

Online Shop

Online Catalog Store Online Shop

Responsive design of Online stores with functional services included: 

  • Product Showcase
  • Invoicing & Payment platforms
  • Sales tracking
  • Newsletter registration and emailing tool
  • Inventory Management
  • Promotions & Sales
  • Product Spec sheets (PDF)
  • Product Video tutorial




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Kantara, plural Kanatir, means in Arabic (1) bridge, particularly a bridge of masonry or stone; also (2) aqueduct (especially in the plural), dam, and finally (3) high building, castle...The original meaning of the word "arch", is found in the earliest Arabic lexicographers...Djisr, a bridge of wood or boats, is the opposite of kantara, which is of stone.